Merck Foundation, Auxillia Mnangagwa team up to improve Zim girl child education

THIRTY thousand books with lessons on breaking stigma associated with infertility, educational empowerment and the COVID-19 pandemic have been distributed in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe’s First Lady said last week.
These books are part of initiatives by Merck Foundation and its More Than A Mother Ambassador Her Excellency Auxillia Mnangagwa to educate young girls in the country.
Merck Foundation in partnership with The First Lady of Zimbabwe have launched three children storybooks titled: “Tudu’s Story” to emphasize on the strong family values of love and respect from a young age which will reflect on eliminating the stigma of infertility and resulted domestic violence in the future, “Educating Rujeko Story” to emphasize on the importance of empowering girls through education and “Make the Right Choice Story” to raise awareness about coronavirus prevention amongst children and youth as it provides facts about the pandemic and how to stay safe and healthy during the outbreak. 30,000 copies of the three storybooks have been distributed to young readers, school students of Zimbabwe,” said Merck Foundation in a statement.
Mrs Mnangagwa said, “I am happy to work closely with our long-time partner Merck Foundation, as through their programs, together we have been able to reshape the landscape of our healthcare sector and empower our healthcare providers and motivate them to provide better care to our people especially during this difficult time of Covid-19. More than 85 medical graduates have already completed or are undergoing training in various medical specialties.”
Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation and President of Merck Foundation More Than a Mother stated that they have since offered scholarships to 85 Zimbabwean doctors.
“I am very proud to tell you that in partnership with my dear sister, H.E. Mrs. AUXILLIA MNANGAGWA, The First Lady of Zimbabwe and Ambassador of Merck Foundation More Than a Mother, we have provided 85 scholarships to young Zimbabwean doctors in various medical specialties like Fertility & Embryology, Oncology, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Sexual & Reproductive Medicine, Respiratory, Acute Medicines, Clinical Microbiology & infectious diseases and Oncology.
“By building professional healthcare capacity, we have been able to transform the landscape of patient care in Zimbabwe. This is a huge achievement for us. Today, I am very happy to meet our alumni and discuss their impact on improving the quality of healthcare in the country after receiving specialized medical scholarships provided by Merck Foundation.
” Moreover, I am equally excited to meet the winners of the Merck Foundation Media Recognition Awards and to discuss with them the significant role they have been playing to break the stigma around infertility, empowering girls and women through education, and raising awareness about coronavirus,” she said.

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