Dr Machiri banning of unvaccinated patients unfortunate, ignorant

Effective September 1, unvaccinated patients will no longer receive service, according to a notice at Dr Tafara Machiri’s surgery in Nelspruit, South Africa.

The affected patients will have their files ‘transferred to a Physician of their choice,’ the notice adds.

“I will not be forcing anyone to take the vaccine but I am NOT going to allow people to continue to die from an illness that is preventable,” Dr Machiri said in justifying the decision.

There is a general expectation in society that doctors are clear minded individuals with a well-rounded view of the world. Covid has demonstrated that this is not the case. As we illustrate below, Dr Machiri is motivated less by medical considerations and more virtue signaling and exertion of power over the private decisions of his patients.

While claiming that he will not force anyone to get the vaccine, that is precisely what he is doing through this coercive act which has no basis in science.

Dr Machiri could easily have demanded a negative Covid test for unvaccinated patients. This is assuming that his fear is the unvaccinated will somehow contaminate his surgery. He has deliberately closed off this avenue because his objective is to punish patients who he believes are making the wrong decision with their bodies. It has nothing to do with medicine or safety. He is drunk with power and one shudders to image what he would be capable of if he occupied higher office giving him authority over the population.

We now know that the vaccinated also get infected and can infect others with the coronavirus. This is clear from Israel where 86% of new infections are of fully vaccinated individuals despite 84% of the population being fully vaccinated. This has resulted in the CDC updating its guidelines to require even vaccinated individuals to wear masks. The science is very clear.

We also now know that those who have previously gotten Covid have naturally acquired immunity which is stronger than that from vaccination.

“In Israel, vaccinated individuals had 27 times higher risk of symptomatic Covid infection compared to those with immunity from prior Covid disease,” as per Professor Martin Kulldorff of Harvard Medical School.

As per Professor Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford School of Medicine: “A new systematic review confirms that Covid recovered patients have immunity as complete or better vs. reinfection than the vaccines do. There is no scientific justification for vaccine passports/mandates.”

Discovery’s chief actuary has estimated that up to 80% of South Africans may have already gotten Covid. If true, this would mean 80% of South Africans already have immunity to Covid and do not necessarily require vaccination. An antibody survey in South Africa two months ago also indicated widespread natural immunity, with 47% of blood donor subjects showing prior Covid infection.

If Dr Machiri was motivated by medical considerations, he would have an exception for those who can present evidence of previous infection. This option is not on the table for the simple reason that his motive is to punish patients who take a different view from his regarding vaccination. This is a petty and unfortunate emotional disposition for a medical doctor.

Finally, the risk of death from Covid is extremely low for the young and is in fact no different from the risk they face from influenza. Those aged 19 and under have a 99.9973% recovery rate should they be infected with Covid. There is absolutely no reason why these young people, who are clearly not at risk from Covid, should be forced to take a vaccine for which the manufacturers accept no liability. The risks, known and unknown, outweigh the benefits for the young as well as those who have previously been infected.

The premise for vaccine mandates was the belief that the vaccines would prevent you from catching the disease and spreading it to others. We now know that not to be the case, it only reduces the severity of disease. Dr Machiri is aware of this, hopefully, and is merely nourishing his ego and desire to exercise power over the private decisions of his patients.—Kukurigo

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