Zim Biomedical Engineer Developing Medical Devices In US

Gladys Saruchera, a biomedical engineer from Zimbabwe, believes in the utmost importance of developing effective, affordable medical devices and therapies.

They provide the best healthcare, especially in her home country.

After earning her chemical engineering degree at the University of Massachusetts, she worked in the medical devices industry. This was where she realised she wanted to make a greater impact as a biomedical engineer. Her next stop? The University of New Haven.

She’s supported by a fellowship from the American Association of University Women (AAUW). This organisation empowers women and girls in research, education, and advocacy.

“I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude,” she said in an article for New Haven News.
She adds that this fellowship will expand her network of inspiring, prominent women she can reach out to.

Ultimately, her dream is to make the world a better place. Saruchera is already helping out with free after-school programmes for high school students in Dzivarasekwa, a low-income neighbourhood in Zimbabwe. Below we talk to this biomedical engineer about her uni experience and how to make healthcare accessible to all:

Where Does Your Interest In STEM Come From?
My interest in STEM comes from a place of curiosity. I loved and enjoyed math and science classes from an early age. I’m grateful that my interest was encouraged by my educators throughout my life.

Why Choose To Pursue This In The US? Tell Us A Bit More About Your Educational Experience There.
Towards my high school graduation, I was accepted into a college access programme called USAP in Zimbabwe. USAP helps high-achieving, low-income students apply for college and scholarships in the US. NewsHaven

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