No pay for unvaccinated civil servants

CIVIL servants have been given up to October 15, 2021 to be fully vaccinated or risk losing their salaries and jobs.

Aiming to meet or beat a target of 10 million vaccinations by December 2021, Vice President and Health Minister Constantine Chiwenga issued  Statutory Instrument 234 of 2021 which ordered civil servants to ensure they received both doses of the locally availed Sputnik, Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines.

“Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this order or any other law, no later than the 15th October, 2021— (a) every member of the Public Service shall be fully vaccinated, and any member— (i) not so vaccinated shall be barred from the workplace after the 15th October, 2021, and not be paid while he or she is so barred,” read the SI.

With 2milliion having received both jabs, the SI said those who refuse the vaccine will face disciplinary action.

“(A civil servant) who refuses to be fully vaccinated shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings on the basis that he or she failed to obey a lawful instruction: Provided that if the head of Ministry or head of department is satisfied that any member of the Public Service is employed in that Ministry or department has a reasonable excuse for not being fully vaccinated by the 15th October, 2021 (which excuse shall be recorded in writing and promptly notified by the head concerned to the Commission), the head concerned may in relation to that member extend the vaccine mandate to no later then the 31st December, 2021,” said the Vice President-cum-Health Minister.

Government said it is on the lookout for those with false vaccination proof.

“For the avoidance of doubt, any person who exhibits false proof of full vaccination or is concerned in any way with the production, distribution,sale or offer for sale of any such certificate or who alters any such certificate with intent to deceive shall be guilty of forgery as provided in the Criminal Law Code,” read the SI.


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