Publicising Paternity DNAs Unethical, Regulator says

UNSANCTIONED by Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe (MLCSCZ) are two Zimbabwean famous paternity test results announcers who have been publicizing these results on social media and radio, it has emerged.

MLCSCZ is a regulatory authority whose jurisdiction is regulating, controlling and supervising all matters affecting the training of persons in, and the manner of the exercise of, the medical laboratory professions.

This Council broke its silence following the splashed DNA paternity results in the media and or social media.

“One of such matter of public importance acquired by the Council in the performance  of its functions under the Health Professions Act (Chapter 27:19) is the publication of unscientifically substantiated percentage paternity tests results in the Sunday Mail of 5 September 2021,” said MLCSCZ chairperson Mr Ranganayi, Chari C Mubvumbi.

Fingered as frauds were the famous Tinashe Mugabe of Global DNA Testing alongside Jane of Expediate DNA Testing.

“Mr Tinashe Mugabe of Global DNA of The Closure DNA Show and Jane of Expediate DNA Zimbabwe Tilder Live Zim Show are not registered members of the Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe nor sister Health Professional Councils in Zimbabwe.

“Mr Tinashe Mugabe and Jane are not professionally qualified nor competent to issue those test results,” said Mr Chari.

Having gained popularity by airing these paternity test results, MLCSCZ finds this broadcasting of DNA paternity results as unethical.

“Global DNA Zimbabwe and Expediate DNA Zimbabwe are registered with Council as DNA collection sites and not testing sites.

“According to the Health Professions Act, medical laboratory test is requested for by qualified and registered clinicians.

“Upon successful completion of the testing process, the test results are sent back to the requesting clinicians who are qualified to advise patients and clients in an ethical manner

“Professional Code of Conducts of various health professionals in Zimbabwe clearly states that divulging either orally or in writing, any information concerning a patient/client test result ought not to be divulged to third parties except where so required by law,” said MLCSCZ chair. “Therefore, the Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe condemns such unethical practice on the poor and the marginalised population by Global DNA Zimbabwe and Expediate DNA Zimbabwe. The Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe urges the Zimbabwean population not to be coerced into receiving Paternity results in such unprofessional manner.”

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