SA: Anti-vaxxers within their rights if they stay at home in self-isolation: Archbishop Makgoba

South Africa–Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba says anti-vaxxers are within their right not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 if they are willing to stay at home in self-isolation.
Makgoba says the Anglican Church strongly believes that vaccination should be mandatory for all their clergy.
Makgoba was delivering the virtual opening address of the Anglican Provincial Synod. Makgoba says the debate of whether vaccination should be mandatory is a sensitive matter across the world, which will also be debated during the Synod.

“Anti-vaccine lobbyists defend their right not to be vaccinated, which is all well and good if they are willing to stay at home in isolation. But as soon as they move into spaces occupied by others, their rights become limited by the rights of others.
In the words of the legal philosopher Zechariah Chafee, “Your right to swing your arm ends just where the other person’s nose begins.” In a deadly pandemic, the right of your neighbour to life inevitably circumscribes your right to do as you like.”—SABCNews

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