Zim’s mental health investment case report to be finished in October

A full report for Zimbabwe’s mental health investment case is expected to be completed by end of October this year.
An investment case report is a quantitative analysis used to make an economic argument for investment in mental health. Zimbabwe is among the 10 countries with mental health investment cases in progress with financial support coming from the Russian government.
Technical support is being provided by the World Health Organization (WHO)alongside the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP).

The investment case aims to demonstrate the economic burden of mental health conditions as well as describing the impact of scaling up investment in treatment and prevention.

It serves as an advocacy piece aimed at policy-makers on the importance of action on mental health. It is for the Ministry of Health and Child Care to present to the Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders.

Data collection and institutional context is still in progress with inputs received to be integrated in the report

“Hopefully if all goes as planned, the report will be completed by end of October. After clearance of the report by the Ministry of Health, we might do a launch event,”
WHO Mental Health Technical Officer Dr Debra Machando said.

Preliminary observations done during interviews with key informants found that there is low funding and lack of resources including medication and capital investment.

“There is need for trained staff including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and community health workers. There was high prevalence of substance abuse. Also, there are unsustainable interventions, lack of community support and no dedicated long stay institutions,” said another consultant working on the MHIC.

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