Council health workers uninterested in Govt’s payroll?

COUNCIL and municipal health workers have expressed mixed feelings over Government transferring them to its payroll with many saying they are disinterested, the Zimbabwe Urban Rural Nurses and Council Nurses Workers Union (ZURNCWU) says.
The Union representing the interests of Council and municipal health workers has been at the forefront lobbying local authorities to prioritise their employees while at the same time slamming corrupt practices by the bosses.
In an interview with ZURNCWU president Mr Simbarashe Tafirenyika said they were in a way misconstrued by Government.
“What we want to say is that we were thinking the government is going to put an eagle eye into the cities holistically and not actually taking nurses only because we see other departments were affected by this rampant corruption. You see council sells stands, broker activities which can benefit the city workers for example the water project which was donated by China. Nothing benefitted the City or the Employees. We are saying we thought the Government was going to be a watchdog taking all the donor funds coming from the stakeholders to the beneficiaries. So by taking the nurses, we are seeing there is a challenge that some of them are left with one year in the service. They were owed the 2016 stands by City of Harare. Others by Chitungwiza Municipality but nothing materialised,” he said.
He said that through interactions with their members, some were shocked to be tranferred to the Government payroll.
“We have done a thorough consultative and proper program where we moved around. We also used social media platforms. They are satisfied with the Government move. Most of them are refusing and they are saying we actually want to stay with our current employer. But what has to be done is uprooting corruption within the Council and Municipalities.
” They said Government should play the watchdog role within the local authorities. The ambulance technicians under City of harare are not under City Health Department. They were surprised to be involved on this program. “They are also disgruntled by the government move but we want to check because what we have seen is it is important to have consultstive meetings,” he said. “This will help us as a Union so that to know what Government is offering before we reject.”
Meanwhile, ZURNCWU intends to have a dialogue with the Ministry of Public Service and Social Welfare.
” We want to approach the Ministry of Public Service so that we know how they are going to incorporate them and learn of the advantages to be going to the employees as well as the disadvantages. We will then table this. I believe if this is a listening Government as it as portrayed from the start, I think the policy makers have to see and change this decision to deprive employees on their rights,” Mr Tafirenyika said.
Mr Tafirenyika noted that using the Patterson Scale of grading employees, Government was not offering as much compared to the Local Authorities.
“We are seeing this can cause despondency among employees. In Council, we are graded using the Patterson scale and the challenge now there the salaries offered by Government are a bit lower than that offered by Councils and Municipalities.
“City of Harare is up to date on its salaries on time but Chitungwiza is still lagging behind. “Our advice is what can be done is there should be consultative meetings with those who are going to be affected because this is going to disgruntle people especially with nurses who are going for greener pastures. Others may go to the private sector or NGO where they are paid in the US$.
“We want to advise Government to make sure that other incentives offered in the councils or local authorities are supposed to be extended to the Council employees since they will be working within council premises being paid by Government,” he said.

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