CWGH demands Zim’s COVID-19 vaccine expenditure details

THE Zimbabwean Government has been tasked to give a breakdown of the USD127 million spent on Covid-19 vaccines.
Speaking during a Humanitarian Information Facilitation Centre organized media café on Thursday, Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) executive director Mr Itai Rusike said it is important to hold the government accountable on the COVID 19 vaccination expenditure.
“I think we also need to address the issue of public accountability. We hear that USD127 million has been used so far. That is a lot of money. Can it be unpacked for us to fully understand what it was used for.
“Was it to purchase the vaccines, transport the vaccines, pay allowances for health workers resigning every day. What else was the USD127 miilion used for. And by the way USD127 million has been used to procure about 13 million doses. So it still means we need how many more? We need 20 million.
“Then incorporating issues of leakages and so forth we need 25 million doses. So if we have already spent USD127 million how much more do we need to bring in the additional 13 million doses again for us to be able to say we have fully vaccinated our people,” he said.
He also scoffed at the Government’s mandatory vaccination rule at bars saying it is impossible to enforce such a mandate.
““This issue of saying if you are not vaccinated you will not get into a bar, it will never work. It will never work because those bars need money. It is also going to be impossible because the same police officers that you want to enforce that announcement are hungry. They go there they are given a dollar. The next time they need money they go there again and given another dollar or two,” he said.
Mr Rusike mocked the directive stating that on the paper, bars where closed yet on the ground they were operating via backdoors.
“People will be having fun in the bar and when in a bar you wont be wearing a mask and unfortunately the unvaccinated will continue to be at risk and spreading the COVID-19. Ordering people to produce a vaccination certificate at bars will never work. What we need is a sustained vaccine literacy campaign. Let’s continue to encourage why it is necessary, why it is important for them to get vaccinated rather than to say for you to go to a certain bar you need to be fully vaccinated,” he said.
Professor Mthuli Ncube, the Finance Minister is on record of announcing the amount spent on COVID19 without detailing the allocations of the funds.
Zimbabwe according to Dr Agnes Mahomva who is the National Coordinator of the COVD-19 response in the office of the president has procured 13 million vaccines to date. She lauded the concerted effort by the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the Finance Ministry on the procurement of vaccines.

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