Traditional medicines may induce kidney failure

By IHN Reporter

ZIMBABWEANS should consume with caution the complementary alternative medicines as they may compromise their kidneys, a local medical doctor has advised.

This comes amid findings by Dr Brighton Chizhande that there are people who have been doing well on prescribed medications for whatever ailments they had but were left with badly compromised kidneys.

He said traditional medicines could easily be acceptable for use in the medical sector if there were scientific investigations done on them.

“I remember while doing some tests on individuals I was seeing that he was actually doing well with his medication but then there were no visible signs of improvement. We would then find out that their kidneys were compromised very much.

“Upon asking them, they would reveal they were taking some traditional concoctions which rarely have doses,” said Dr Chizhande.

He also said Zimbabwe could also follow the Chinese path where their traditional medicines are rigorously investigated to protect public health.

According to Effiong Ekong Akpan and Udeme E Ekrikpo ,acute renal failure from the use of herbal remedies is said to account for about 30–35% of all cases of acute renal failure in Africa.

“Most of the herbal medications are not usually identified, but some common preparation often used in Nigeria includes “holy water” green water leaves, bark of Mangifera indica (mango), shoot of Anacardium occidentale (cashew), Carica papaya (paw-paw) leaves, lime water, Solanum erianthum (Potato tree), and Azadirachta indica (Neem) trees.

“We report a rare case of a young man who developed acute renal failure two days after ingestion of Chinese herb for “body cleansing” and general wellbeing. He had 4 sessions of haemodialysis and recovered kidney function fully after 18 days of admission,” they said in a research titled Acute Renal Failure Induced by Chinese Herbal Medication in Nigeria

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