Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia launch adolescent HIV Combination Prevention project

THE Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council alongside Botswana’s and Namibia’s family planning associations launched the HIV  Combination Prevention project for adolescent girls, young women and their male partners last week.

ZNFPC will implement the project in Zimbabwe in Mat South Province.

The USD$100 872 SADC member countries resource mobilization initiative, is a two year funded project for capacity building in peer led interventions which are delivered through the adolescent and youth friendly service provision model. This is aligned with the 95 95 95 targets.

Dr Munyaradzi Murwira, the Executive Director ZNFPC in the virtually launched project lauded the three governments’ health commitments.

” Appreciation is extended to the governments of the three countries through our respective Heads of State for their unwavering support to ensure healthy nations free of sickness, your commitments to global, regional and national health commitments is clear testimony of the will achieve quality healthcare. Gratitude is extended to the heads of respective Ministries of Health, supporting fine ministries, Non-Governmental Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and Development Partners for the continued support,”said Dr Murwrira.

Dr Murwira said it was important to integrate youths in planning and programming activities to do with their health especially Hiv,

“We understand that, ‘Nothing for Youths without Youths’ hence your involvement from the inception of the project. Your participation today testifies the commitment you possess to achieve the project goals.”

ZNFPC Director Technical Services Mr Peter Machimbirike said this joint project would help reduce HIV incidence among young women and girls who according to UNAIDS carry the heaviest burden in Zimbabwe.

“We can see that there is a lot of cross boarder movement in the three countries which are neighbors to make sure that they contain the spread of HIV among the three countries. These countries were chosen because of their high HIV prevalence rates.

“Zimbabwe is going to implement the project targeting Matabeleland south mainly Beitbridge because of the socio-economic conditions in the area increasing the risk of HIV infection among them. The project seeks to address a lot of combination prevention among AGYW across the population in order to mitigate HIV incidences among that age group,” Mr Machimbirike said.

The project ought give young women and men Sexual Reproductive Health Rights services while addressing the unmet needs of the target group which has been a missing in the southern Africa especially in Zimbabwe.

“They are going to be a combination of activities including comprehensive sexuality education, parent child communication, and service delivery as part of the mitigation program. We are looking at affording PEP, PREP, and also condom programing in the communities as one of the programming to mitigate HIV prevalence.”

With additional reporting from HealthTimes



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