No COVID-19 Allowances For Nurse Aides

Nurse aides from across the country are up in arms with the Health ministry, after they were denied COVID-19 allowances paid to other health professionals.

The rest of the health workforce, except the nurse aides, has already received their COVID-19 allowances as per government’s pledge.

Nurse Aides Association of Zimbabwe president Sekai Ticky Watungira yesterday told NewsDay that his organisation’s members were aggrieved by the blatant “discrimination”of lower grade health workers.

“Nurse aides and general hands participated in the COVID-19 vaccination and screening programme. Government disbursed funds to everyone who took part in that programme.

Unfortunately, there is serious discrimination in the payment of allowances.

All lower grades (nurse aides) have been discarded and no one got even a cent, while others pocketed allowances ranging between $80 000 and $130 000,” he said.

He said nurse aides wanted the matter to be corrected.

“A good number of nurse aides lost their lives during the COVID-19 battle. This is not fair at all. As the representative of nurse aides, we are not going to remain silent on this issue. —NewsDay

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