African traditional medicines should undergo rigorous clinical trials

AFRICAN Traditional medicines should be subjected to rigorous and exhaustive clinical trials to guarantee authenticity and legitimacy, the Mutual Pan-African Support Paradigm says.

At a time when the world is rushing to develop COVID-19 therapeutics, this saw the emergence of phytochemically active plants such as Zumbani in Zimbabwe being extensively used to treat some of the symptoms. Zumbani according to users and researchers worked.

“To guarantee authenticity and legitimacy, clinical trials should be done rigorously and exhaustively, to standards that could stand international scrutiny. It has been suggested that, for clinical trials, the COVID-19 patient population is low in Madagascar, but it stands to reason that that cohort should be painstakingly studied as is. Then plans to collaborate with other populations should be made in order to boost the working patient numbers for further/conclusive rigorous clinical trials. Mbewa [43] reported in May 2020 that the African Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC of the African Union) was to review the data at that time. It is therefore our hope that the same gesture will solidly back the renewed MPASP aggressive work ahead,” said the MPASP.

MPSAP advised the African continent to have infrastructure which can be used to make competitive traditional medicines.

“Africa should seriously establish the infrastructure and other enabling conditions so that Africa is able to exploit and utilize its abundant natural resources for taking care of health issues and emergencies. Although the world is battling COVID-19 at the moment, we expect that there could be further pandemics in future. Africa (as a collective and consortium of nations) should therefore brace up and face the music.

“At this point in the pandemic, the international community is in a hurry to secure effective strategies against COVID-19. Consequently, there is no room for inconclusive or controversial data; the types that led to the recent retractions of published results. This is only natural. It emphasizes the absolute need for scientific rigour in the derivation of data to exhaustively support appropriate clinical trials,” said the MPSAP.

The MPSAP also attributed the control of the COVID-19 pandemic in China to the use of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

“Strategies against COVID-19 rely on using repurposed drugs (drugs originally developed for other diseases) (e.g., remdesivir; hydroxychloroquine ; dexamethasone ; and traditional medicine (TM) It turns out that some of these repurposed drugs, for instance hydroxychloroquine ; remdesivir ; and dexamethasone may have adverse side effects . That China considerably managed the COVID-19 pandemic which originated in Wuhan city can therefore be imagined to be, to a large extent, due to the application of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with CWM These plant resources of traditional Chinese medicine contain health-promoting nutraceuticals (antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-thrombotics, immune-modulators, etc.), a good many of which are known and characterized, e.g., polyphenols of various types (flavonoids, flavonones, flavones, and others) These natural compounds endow the patient with robust immune health , which is needed to quell the symptoms of COVID-19,” said the MPSAP

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