How much did the Health Ministry get from Treasury? Treasury gives two conflicting figures

ZIMBABWE’S Finance and Economic Development Ministry gave contradicting figures on the share given to the Health and Child Care Ministry.

While there is still a consensus to the ZW$117, 7 billion allotment, the Finance Minister Professor Mthuli announcing the 2022 National Budget on Thursday said they were 0.1 percent shy to the Abuja Declaration target of 15 percent budget allocation. On the contrary in the bluebook’s vote appropriation, the Health Ministry had 12.2 percent.

“Consequently, the 2022 National Budget has allocated, ZWL$117.7 billion to the Ministry of Health and Child Care which represents 14.9% of the Budget,” Prof Ncube said.

Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube said line ministries and departments alongside Agencies requested ZW$2,7 trillion.

“Mr Speaker Sir, the proposed estimates for 2022 (including Constitutional and Statutory Appropriations) is ZW$927.3 billion (18.3% of GDP).The amount, however, falls far short of requests submitted by line Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and
presented during the 2022 Budget Hearings, which were in excess of ZW$2.7 trillion.

“The proposed vote appropriations prioritise projects and programmes drawn from NDS1 and are supportive of infrastructure investments and public service delivery,” he said.

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