Zim Afro Medical Health Expo kicks off

COMING from the battering effects of the COVID-19, successfully held was the nineth edition of the Zim Afro Medical Health Expo.
There were over 60 delegates and over 50 exhibitors which attended this year’s edition.
Officiating the event was Chief Director Curative Services Dr Maxwell Hove.
Exhibitors were excited to attend this event citing it was an opportunity for them to interact with prospective clients.
Exhibitors ranged from reputable financial institutions like CBZ to startup technology companies such as Dr Cad X.
Dr Hove commended the technoprenuers for coming up with innovations he found fascinating.
“For those who havent been to the Dubai Expo yet over there. Its an international expo. We are running for two days and they are running for six months. They are there full time. It would have been the wish of the Ministry of Health to see a lot of our exhibitors here as part of our Stand in Dubai. I saw the stand in October and what we saw was not this hi-tech Im seeing here today. We would have loved to showcase the hi-tech we see seeing here,” Dr Hove said.
ZimAfro Medical and Healthcare Expo Marketing executive Kimberly Elms said they were impressed with the attendance.
“On the first day we had a conference and expo which went very well. We had over 60 delegates in attendance at the Expo and for the exhibition we had over 50 stands. We considered it a success considering we are coming from COVID-19. Uptake was quite low in the beginning but we managed to pull through,” she said.
Dr Stan Chigumira, a regular attendant at this Expo said the event had improved given the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.”What I was seeing from the attendance is that ZimAfro health expo has improved vastly in terms of the programming. I have seen Zimbabwe is doing much better and we have taken a grasp of our health. The only disappointing thing was our numbers were not as high as we normally see. We havent quite recovered from COVID-19 as last year we couldnt host this expo.
“Because of inertia a lot of people still feel uncomfortable attending public gatherings when its no longer like that.We have become more efficient in terms of wearinf masks, social distancing and sanitising. Next year it will be better still,” he said.
Dr Chigumira was fascinated by the presentations especially that of health financing.
“Talking about the presenters, they were so good. I was particularly interested in the Financing of the Health sector. This is what medical providers want to hear. They want to know about how to access the capital to improve services,” he said.
Other exhibitors included Population Services Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Medical Students Association, Axis Solutions, Premier Medical Aid Society, Cimas, Optinova to mention but these.

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