Govt gazettes tighter COVID19 restrictions

Zimbabwe has gazetted latest COVID19 restrictions following President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s announcement that Zimbabweans or foreigners coming from other countries are to undergo a 10 day quarantine despite a negative test.

The Vice President and Health and Child Care Minister Dr Constantine Chiwenga in the gazetted Statutory Instrument 267 of 2021 said returning visitors are to have a PCR test on arrival despite having tested negative elsewhere.

Below is the new SI

Statutory Instrument 267 of 2021.
[CAP. 15:17

Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment)

(National Lockdown) (No. 2) (Amendment) Order, 2021 (No. 37)

WHEREAS Zimbabwe has received notification from the World Health Organisation of the emergence of an additional variant of the COVID-19 disease labelled “Omicron;

AND WHEREAS the following measures are to be put in place for a period of fourteen days subject to review at the end thereof:

NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby notifi ed that the Minister of Health has, in terms of section 8(1) of the Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) Regulations,2020 (published in Statutory Instrument 77 of 2020), made the following order:—

1. This order may be cited as the Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) (National Lockdown) (No.

2) (Amendment) Order, 2021 (No. 37).

2. Notwithstanding anything to the Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) (National Lockdown)

(No. 2) Order, 2020), published in Statutory Instrument 200 of 2020 (hereinafter called the principal order)—

(a) for the purpose of section 8 (“Power to close ports of entry and exit”), at every port of entry all returning residents and visitors have to undergo PCR testing (notwithstanding that they present a PCR negative test from elsewhere), and those found to be negative will be quarantined at their own cost for ten days, while those who are found positive will be isolated in accordance with the provisions of the principal order;

For the purposes of this paragraph, a returning resident or visitor found to be negative for COVID-19 may self-quarantine at any premises cleared for the purpose in advance by an enforcement offi cer acting

on the instructions of the Ministry for Health;

(b) there shall be a curfew from 2100 hours to 0600 hours subject to the exemption for essential services and other

exceptional cases specifi ed in the principal order; the hours during which any business (other than any business that is or provides an essential service) may operate is the period between 0700 hours and 1900 hours;

For the avoidance of doubt, bottle stores,

restaurants, licensed premises and night clubs are subject to these business hours;

(d) admission to restaurants, licensed premises and night clubs are restricted to customers and patrons who exhibit

proof of full vaccination;

(e) bottle stores may only operate during business hours, subject to the prohibition against drinking on the premises of the bottle store and to strict adherence with all measures in this Order with respect to the wearing

of face masks, temperature checks, sanitising of hands and social distancing, for the purpose of verifying which any enforcement shall have unhindered access to any bottle store.

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