Awards ceremony to honor all medical professionals

ZIMBABWE will on December 4, 2021 hold its first ever Zimbabwe Medical Awards which seeks to recognize all  medical professionals that shaped the nation’s health sector.

Medical professionals rarely get honored at awards ceremonies in Zimbabwe as done in the arts, soccer, human resources among other professions, something which inspired Dr Josephat Chiripanyanga the brainchild, to hold this awards ceremony.

Dr Chiripanyanga speaking to journalists said they noted medical professionals across board were not being given recognition of such a magnitude.

“We decided to start the Zimbabwe medical awards after noticing that here in Zimbabwe there are no awards that are being given to medical professionals be it doctors, be it medical professionals like pharmacists, lab scientists and so forth. As such, we thought there is need for us to initiate these medical awards. We also noted other countries honour their legends or their professionals, they honor their doctors, they honour their nurses and staff so we decided to do this and bring it home.

“Also locally we see that there awards given to other professionals like soccer players you see there are soccer stars of the yea, models get models awards of the year, you go to human resources they have their awards. So we decided to give these medical professionals, the doctors, nurses, scientists and pharmacists at large because we noticed there is a gap to give awards to medical professionals,” he said.

He stated that they will be focusing on Zimbabwe’s pioneering medical professionals as well as all the Health Ministers.

“This year we are going to have at least 40 categories of doctors, nurses, other medical professionals that are getting awards. On top of this we are mainly honoring pioneers of the doctors or the nurses that were the first. We want to give the first Zimbabwean nurse or the first Zimbabwean doctor. We are going to give the first surgeon, first orthopedic surgeon, first this and first that. They come up to 40 individuals.

“ We are also honouring our Ministers if health because they have been there managing the health system in Zimbabwe. So we are going to honor all our Health Ministers from 1980 to date. So we are also going to honor those ones. So on top of that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to also honor our COVID-19 heroes, the doctors, the nurses, the pharmacists, the lab scientists that passed away during this COVID-19 pandemic. We want to give them post humous awards,” Dr Chiripanyanga said.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care Air Commodore Jasper Chimedza will officiate the awards ceremony.

“We had invited VP as the Minister of Health to be our guest of honour but unfortunately our dates, we delivered the invites a bit late. So he was a bit tied up. He’s got commitments on the day of the event, so he gave us the Permanent Secretary for health to be the guest of honour on the event,” said Dr Chiripanyanga.


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