68 Health Professionals Honoured at Zim Medical Awards…Including VP Chiwenga

THE Zimbabwe Medical Awards Trust conferred 68 awards to medical pioneers, instutitions as well as those who succumbed to COVID-19.
Among the winners included Zimbabw9e’s Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care Constantine Chiwenga, his Deputy Dr John Mangwiro and Permanent Secretary Air Commodore Jasper Chimedza Zimbabwe’s first Health Minister the Late Dr Hebert Ushewekunze alongside the first Zimbabwe Medical Doctor, the Late Tichafa Samuel Parirenyatwa also got their post humous awards. Named after Parirenyatwa, the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals received an award for being the first health facility to train medical professionals while the University of Zimbabwe got the First University to train medical professionals.
As the names of recipients, attendees were taken to their heydays while to some it sounded like a Zimbabwe’s Medical History Lecture.
The First female medical doctor was Dr Madeline Nyamwanza-Makonese.
Officiating the ceremony on behalf of the Health and Child Care Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, the Director of Policy and Planning Dr Stephen Banda paid tribute to the medical professionals who succumbed to COVID19. These professionals were also conferred the COVID19 heroes award.
“It gives me great pleasure to officiate at this first ever event that honour “ medical firsts”. Generally it is refreshing to be honoured for being the first. This evening has been prepared in honour of all of you medical professionals as a thank you for your highly valued contributions to date. Everyone in the medical professional has played an important role in the success of our country’s health sector. To those being honoured today, the distinction and excellence you have brought to the medical professional is deservedly recognised,” he said.
Some of the award recepients including Dr Solomon Guramatunhu who got the first Zimbabwean Eye Surgeon and Professor Godwin Mguti who is the First Professor of Surgery lauded the organisers for coming up with such an initiative.
Prof Mguti said, “This is a great honor and most unexpected. I think this is a noble initiative on the part of the organisers. And I think the awards will incentivise the younger people in the medical profession.”
Dr Guramatunhu said they were honored indeed as Zimbabweans to get these awards as elsewhere, medical societies honour their own.
“This was a special occassion for us because normally, other societies in different countries honour their own. So this was the first. As a medical profession we are very grateful that they saw it fit and hopefully it will continue,” Dr Guramatunhu said.
He established an Eye health Institutions and a facility serving the underprivileged. He said as doctors, they do what they do expecting no rewards.
“Im very humbled because when we do these things we dont expect to be honoured or rewarded. You do it because that is the right thing. So I was privileged to start the training of opthalmologists at the University of Zimbabwe. I also started the school of optometry at the Bindura University of Science and Education (BUSE). I also established Eyes for Africa to try and help people in the rural areas. So its a privilege to be in a position to do that. So Im most grateful,” he said.

Dr Ishewokunze’s daughter who came to receive his award said they were elated as a family as this was the first time, he received an award since Zimbabwe’s independence, in 1980.

“My name is Taru Ushewokunze, the second born and eldest daughter of my late Father Dr Herbert Ushewokunze. I came to receive this award on behalf of my father and Im very, very elated because this is the first award or honor my Father has received since 1980. And to us as a family, his children , we are overwhelmed. We are really grateful for this noble idea and we should continue having these awards for medical doctors and frontline workers. Not just doctors but all the frontline workers because they contribute to our wellbeing and upkeep,” she said.

The full list

Current Health Ministry Leaders

Minister of Health Vice President Retired General Dr C.D.G.N. Chiwenga

Deputy Minister of Health
Dr J.C. Mangwiro

Permanent Secretary For Health
Air Commodore Dr Jasper Chimedza


Dr Reginald Gwisai
Dr Christopher Zishiri
Mr Patrick Dhliwayo
Dr Nelson Okwanga
Mr Willie T. Mhishi
Prof James Hakim
Dr Cherifa Sururu
Prof David Katzenstein
Dr Bilal Shah
Mr Tendai Mutwirah
Dr Sekai Nhiwatiwa
Lynn Booth (Pharmacist)
Dr Emmanuel Purazi
Dr Obert Taona Mhere
Dr Kudakwashe Shonge
Dr Ashok Morar
Dr Benmore Gwati
Dr Shamiso Matereke
Dr Slobodan Boskovic
Dr Moses Gondo
Alfred Chingono (Clinical Psychologist)

First Zimbabwean Medical Doctor Dr Tichafa Samuel Parirenyatwa

First Zimbabwean Female Doctor
Dr Madeline Nyamwanza- Makonese

First Zimbabwean Health Minister Herbert Ushewokunze

First Zimbabwean Nurse Milia Macala (Sigogo) Dube

First Zimbabwean Pharmacist

First Zimbabwean Laboratory Scientist
Mr Mubvumbi

First Zimbabwean Physiotherapist

First Zimbabwean Radiographer
Mrs Maphosa Chipunza

First Zimbabwean Dentist
Dr Philime

First Zimbabwean Female Dentist Dr Mseka

First Zimbabwean General surgeon
Mr Basopo Moyo

First Zimbabwean Female General Dr Kayiboni Madziva

First Zimbabwean Anaesthetist Professor H. Chinyanga

First Zimbabwean Physician
Dr Mubwandarikwa (The Late)

First Zimbabwean Paediatrician
Dr Evelyn Forbes

First Zimbabwean Female Pathologist Makunike Mutasa

First Zimbabwean Pathologist Dr Joseph Gwavava

First Zimbabwean Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Bhagat

First Zimbabwean Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Dr Nathan Moss

First Zimbabwean Female Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Dr Conolly

First Zimbabwean Ophthalmologist (Eye Surgeon)
Dr Solomon Guramatunhu

First Zimbabwean Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgeon
Dr David Chimuka

First Zimbabwean Dermatologist
Dr Donald Itayi Mutangadura

First Zimbabwean Haematologist Prof Andrew Zolane Cakana
First Zimbabwean Maxillofacial Surgeon Mapfumo Midion Chidzonga

First Zimbabwean Female Neurosurgeon
Dr Nozipo Maraire

First Zimbabwean Neuro Surgeon
Prof Laurence Fraser Levy

First Zimbabwean Ear Nose And Throat (ENT) Specialist
Dr Charles Tumushime

First Zimbabwean trained Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist
Dr Bandason

First Zimbabwean Professor of Surgery and Professorial Chair
Prof Godfrey I. Muguti

First Zimbabwean Psychiatrist
Dr Chikara

First Zimbabwean Radiologist

First Zimbabwean Female Oncologist 1
Dr Nyakabau

First Zimbabwean Female Oncologist
Dr Ndlovu

First Zimbabwean Urologist
Dr Alex Peter Danso

First Zimbabwean Paediatric Surgeon Dr Bothwell Mbuvayesango

First Zimbabwean Neurologist
Prof Mielke
First Zimbabwean Endocrinologist
Dr M. Okwanga (late)

First Zimbabwean Cardiologist
Dr Gwata

First Zimbabwean Nephrologist
Dr Odwee

First Zimbabwean Gastroenterologist
Prof Gangaidzo


First Hospital To Train Medical Professionals
Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals

First University To Train Medical Professionals
University of Zimbabwe

First Private Quarantine Center To offer free accommodation during covid19
Courtney Selous Hotel

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